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About Frequently Asked Question

1. How to Book a Service from Interam Shifting Corporation Pvt. Ltd.?

You can book either through “Online Enquiry Form” at or by calling directly at our Contact Number, +>76782-73073 or mail Us at

2. How many hours earlier should be contact the company?

Minimum 24 hours.

3. What is the time taken by a Pre-Move Survey

Usually three hours

4. Is insurance necessary?

Insurance is not necessary however; it is recommended and is a financial sheath against any damage of theft of goods etc.

The Carrier or there agent shall be exempted from any loss or damage through accident, pilferage, fire, rain, collision, and other road or river hazard in transit. Therefore we recommend that the goods should be insured.

5. What should I do before the shifting?

(a) Empty and defrost refrigerator and air-out 8 Hrs. Before packing,
(b) Arrange Electrician, Carpenter, and Plumber for all technical work.,
(c) Disconnection of Gas Cylinder, Telephone and other Utility services
(d) Keep your cash, Jewelers or any valuable item’s in your custody.
(e) Take NOC from RTO for vehicles,

6. What Documents required during the Goods & Vehicle Shifting?

(a) Declaration Certificate or Whomsoever It may Concert Letter in Three Copies with Passport size photograph. as per given Performa by Interam Shifting Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
(b) Photocopy of Photo Identity proof Consignor (Sender) & Consignee (Receiver) duly self attested.
(c) Photocopy of Registration Certificate (RC), Insurance Copy, Original Pollution Certificate (PUC) duly attested in case of Vehicle Transportation.

Hand over necessary documents If your Company payable the amount to Interam Shifting Corporation Pvt .Ltd such as:-

A. Work Order / Purchase Order Two copies as per given Performa by e-mail or phone discussion with Interam Shifting Corporation Pvt. Ltd. staff , on your company letter head, transfer letter or joining letter.
B. Other Documents’ as on above mentioned in line A, B , C.

7. Which Vehicle should be preferred for transport?

It is always advisable to prefer Covered vehicle with Waterproof tarpaulin or sealed weather proofed covered containers.

8. How long packing and moving of your goods would take?

Normally, it takes 2 -3 hours to pack all the stuffs per room.

9. How should I move my car?

We have well-maintained high capacity closed containers with wheel locking system (Car Carrier) to accommodate your Car.

10. Why Should I choose Interam Shifting Corporation Pvt. Ltd.?

We believe in delivering more than what we actually commit as compared to other packers and movers and Relocation’s industry.

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